Behind the Name

What's in a name? For us, a lot! Even in the very beginning - when our boutique was little more than a dream - we knew we wanted our business' name to be meaningful. So, we sat down for a brainstorming session and asked ourselves some tough questions. What was truly important to us? What did we want other people to experience when they shopped with us? Once we took this approach, inspiration hit. We decided we would name our boutique Elsie Hannah after our two grandmothers, Elsie Tuch and Hannah Crosley. This is their story.

Hannah was born in Santee, Nebraska, and attended Mount Marty Mission School. In 1929, she married George Crosley and, together, they raised 8 children - 5 girls and 3 boys. She was steady and strong, always providing for her children and grandchildren. And, despite her large family, there was always room for one more at her table. Our father, Robert, said she would bake 8-10 loaves of bread at a time! He also fondly remembers her sour cream raisin pie.

Elsie Tuch was born on the family homestead near Monowi, Nebraska. She married Lloyd in 1929. Like Hannah, she worked hard to provide for her family. She cultivated a large garden, raised chickens, and milked cows. Baking, however, was her true passion - with her sister's help, she would bake cakes for any and all special occasions. She is remembered most often for her warm and giving nature. She loved spending time with the Ladies Aid group at church, and most of all, she enjoyed welcoming people into her home, whether they were family or strangers. We still remember the tea parties she would host for us when we were little. 

Elsie and Hannah were two very different people, but they both shared a dedication to their families that we find remarkable. We want to emulate their best qualities - Hannah's strong, reliable nature and Elsie's giving spirit - as we grow our boutique. We are determined to give women clothes that empower them, and we won't stop until we do so.

Hannah Crosley

Elsie Tuch

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