Packing Hacks


1) Make your packing list
    Okay, so it may sound obvious, but you know how many people don't
    actually write down the things they need to bring? That's just asking for    
    trouble in our opinion. Get out a pen and paper and start writing.

2) Put These Commonly Forgotten Items on Your List   
    People are predictable, it seems. Travelers tend to forget these items: phone
    chargers, laptop chargers, prescriptions, sunglasses, toothpaste, swimsuits
    and hairbrushes. So put them on your list and thank us later.

3) Put These Travel "Hack" Items on Your list
    Our favorite travel hack? Pack a collapsible bag so that you can bring
    additional items back if you need to (reusable shopping bags work well). 
    This can also be helpful for storing dirty laundry on your trip. Other useful
    items include a copy of your passport, a reusable water bottle and a shoe

4) Splurge On a New Outfit
    We may be biased, but we think that there's no better time to invest in a
    brand-new outfit than right before your vacation. New clothes can help
    you feel sexy and fun as you jet set across the country. Check out this new

5) Get to Packing 
    The golden rule? Roll your clothes. This saves you SO much space and 
    prevents wrinkles! To keep things organized, sort your clothes into packing

6) Make Sure Your Suitcase Isn't Too Heavy
    Many airlines have bag weight limits. If your bag is too heavy, there are some
    easy ways to cut back. Limit your jeans to one or two pairs as they are easily
    re-wearable. Trade your full-sized shampoo and conditioners for travel-sized
    (you can buy empty bottles if you're as attached to your particular brand as
    we are). If your bag is still overweight, try limiting the number of shoes you
    packed to a few versatile pairs (check these ones out). 

7) Double-check your list one hour before departure
    Making the list isn't enough. About an hour before you walk out the door, run
    through the list and ensure you've packed every single item.
And there you have it -- our very best packing tips. Enjoy your travels, and make sure to tag Elsie Hannah in your vacation pictures when you're flaunting your brand new outfit! 


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