Spring Clean Your Closet

Out with the Old and in with the New: Spring Clean Your Closet

It may still be cold out, but (hopefully) spring will be here before we know it. And that means we can all start getting excited about short sleeves, floral prints and lightweight jackets. 

But first? It's time to "spring clean" the closet. If you're like us, you find spring-cleaning a dread-inducing task on the to-do list. Impossible to finish. 

Well don't worry, sister. We've collected the Internet's best closet-cleaning advice in one short, easy-to-read article so we can all get a head start on this one. 

Out with the old and in with the new, are we right?


Step One

Take all your clothes off the hangers and put them on your bed.

Yes, your bed. Why? Well apparently this will prevent you from abandoning the task half-way through. You can't go to sleep unless you finish. We think the experts are onto something here.  

Step Two

Get ready to start sorting.

Find three boxes and label them keep, recycle, and donate. Keep in mind that items in the donation bin should be free of holes, rips and stains. 

Step Three

Ask yourself the hard questions. 

It's time to start tackling that mountain of clothes on your bed. So put on your favorite playlist and dig in. As you pick up each item, ask yourself these questions.

  • Have I worn this in the last year?
  If not, then it's time to donate or recycle it. No exceptions.  
  • Will I wear this in the coming year?
  Be honest. And don't feel guilty. If you don't think you're going to wear it,
  you're not. It'd be better to donate it to someone who will. 
  AND, if you just can't decide whether you can part with it, we'll give you a
  pass. BUT you then have to put the item in question on a hanger and hook it
  in your closet backwards. If that hanger is still backwards in six months, it's
  time to say your goodbyes. 
  • Does this still fit me?
  Sometimes we want to hang onto items that just aren't doing our bodies any
  favors. We love 'em because, well, they used to make us look cat-walk
  worthy. But now? Not so much.
  It's easy to give into the nostalgia here, but it's better to donate this item to
  someone else. That way, you can make room for a new item that fits you and
  makes you look fantastic right now
Step Four
And not just for some new clothes to fill in your new wardrobe "gaps" (although we do encourage this as well hehe). Invest in new, slim hangers to create more space in your closet. Make use of empty wall space by buying and hanging a set of hooks. Consider purchasing additional shelves and hanging them above existing ones (you can store off-season clothes up above to save room).
Step Five 
Put everything in its place. 
  • Keep items:
    Group types of clothing together (pants, tanks, short-sleeves, etc.) as you hang them. Then sort those categories by color. This approach allows you to see what your wardrobe is lacking and prevents you from buying too many items of a specific color, fit, etc. 
  • Recycle items:
    There are a few items that recycle tattered or worn items, including Goodwill and The Salvation Army. It may take a bit of research on your part, but it's better to recycle than throw them into a landfill.

  • Donate items:
    Find a local nonprofit that accepts donated clothes, like a homeless shelter. Usually a quick Google search will direct you to a few different organizations in need of items.

So you've done it. You've organized your closet. Now go and shop Elsie Hannah our site and purchase some fabulous spring wardrobe items. We all know you deserve 'em. :) 



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