The Marvelous Market - How We Shopped 'Til We Dropped in Dallas

“Ya’ll twins?” When we went to the Apparel and Accessories + Total Home & Gifts Markets in Dallas, Texas, we were asked this question a LOT. Not that we minded - we were too focused on shopping. Yes, for four blissful days we were able to focus all of our attention on finding the cutest, hippest outfits to bring back to “ya’ll.” We’ve been sharing a few of our favorite finds with you already, and we’ll be sharing more in the months to come. But in case you’re curious, we wanted to take a moment to break down our market experience. How did we get our favorite outfits from the market into our boutique (and into your closet)?

1) We geared up for each day with Starbucks coffee (and once with mimosas handed out by a vendor... we couldn’t say no :). Shopping is serious business, you know.

2) We hit the market show “rooms” – which took up 15 floors. Vendors were selling everything from clothes to accessories to home décor. There were too many vendors to humanely visit in four days, so we developed a game plan for each outing in order to ensure we visited all the ones we wanted to shop at. All the vendors’ items were well organized and displayed, making our “job” much easier.

3) We were almost overwhelmed by all the items we wanted to order, but we kept ourselves sane by vowing to purchase spring and summer apparel only. Say goodbye to sweaters and coats... and hello to dresses, tank tops and shorts!

4) We visited the “cash and carry” floor – you could buy items onsite and fill your suitcases if you wished! For the most part, however, we placed preorders for items at the other vendors. There’s only so much you can fit in a suitcase, after all.

5) We gathered wholesalers’ contact information as we shopped – this means we’ll be able to easily purchase and offer new items to you in the future :)

6) While we did spend most of our time shopping at the market, we also made time to do some other things in Dallas as well! If you ever make it to the city, we suggest you do the following:

a. Visit the West Village District, an adorable walkable shopping district.
b. Eat a slice pie at the Emporium, which is located in the Bishop Arts District. We can personally attest to the deliciousness of “The Smooth Operator” and the “Lord of the Pies” flavors. :)
c. Shop in the SMU neighborhood. This three-block strip is home to many cute boutiques and BabyBliss, a store with loads of cute baby gifts and mommy must-haves.
d. Eat in the Knox-Henderson district. We ate dinner at a Tex-Mex restaurant named Chuy’s. This district is also another shopping hotspot (you can never do too much shopping, right?).

Yes, we shopped ’till we dropped in Dallas – and we couldn’t be happier about it.
We’re so excited to keep sharing our wonderful finds with you, and we hope “ya’ll”
have as much fun shopping at our boutique as we had at the market!

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