About Us

Welcome to Elsie Hannah! We believe that your clothes should reflect your personality and passions, and when they do, you will have the confidence you need to pursue your dreams.

Who We Are

Hi! We are Stephanie Moody and Maria Suing, the twin sisters who founded Elsie Hannah boutique in 2017.

Shortly before we decided to start Elsie Hannah, we found ourselves asking whether we were living our "best lives". After some thought, we decided we both needed a change. We wanted to utilize our creativity, our passion for fashion, and our desire to embolden others not only within our personal lives, but also within our professional ones.

Thus, Elsie Hannah was born. Named after our grandmothers Elsie Tuch and Hannah Crosley, our boutique is fashioned after the wonderful attributes of these two very different women - Elsie's giving spirit and Hannah's strong and reliable nature.

Like our grandmothers we too have different personalities. We both share a love for our close-knit family of nine (in which we are the youngest) and our small-town, northeastern Nebraska roots! However, that's where our similarities end.

Friends and family would probably call me (Steph) a small-town country girl. I love spending time with my family of five. We enjoy camping, boating, going on walks, riding horses, and visiting the family farm.

On the other hand, people would say I (Maria) am more of a city girl. I left my small town roots after graduation, and so far, haven't looked back! I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Many days I love just being with my husband and 2 year old son. We enjoy traveling, biking, socializing, spending time at the family cabin, and of course shopping!

Together, we believe we can use our diverse talents and experiences to help you find clothes that "fit" your body, your lifestyle, and your goals. We know how important it is to live your best life, and we are committed to giving you a wardrobe that empowers you to do so!